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Landscape Lock is a powerful garden adhesive that dries to a transparent flexible film, that’s water proof and blocks UV light.


Diluted with water, the emulsion sprays easily to bind mulch particles together, sealing pores and cracks preventing degradation, colour fading and microbial rotting.


The initial white colour indicates the area sprayed and the level of coverage can be easily assessed. Edges of beds should have more product applied than the centre of the bed.

Landscape Lock - 20 Litre

  • Concentrated formula - Dilute with water


    20 Litres of Landscape Lock will stabilize between 200 to 400 m2


    Mix Landscape Lock with water in a spray bottle (not included). Mix well and spray onto DRY mulch. Allow to set undisturbed for 24 hours.


    Do not use if rain is likely within 24 hours. Do not irrigate or water for 24 hours after application. Avoid walking on or disturbing the mulch after application.


    Clean equipment immediately after use


    For extended guide, see How to Use page.

  • In some instances, a skin may form on the surface of Landscape Lock. In order to avoid blockages in the pump filter and nozzle, in this case use a fine kitchen sieve to filter Landscape Lock when mixing.This will prevent skin solids from clogging the nozzle and spray. Should a blockage occur, check and clear the pipe and spray nozzle of any debris.

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