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Safety and Precautions

• LANDSCAPE LOCK is safe and non-toxic to plants, birds and animals.

• LANDSCAPE LOCK may irritate sensitive skin and should be washed off with fresh water.

• LANDSCAPE LOCK may irritate eyes. Flush eyes immediately using fresh water for 15 minutes. Contact a physician if irritation persists.

• If swallowed do not induce vomiting but swallow 1 to 2 glasses of water. If large quantities have been swallowed get immediate medical attention.

• LANDSCAPE LOCK is an adhesive and should be kept out of reach from children.


Store above 0 degrees C and do not allow to freeze.

Keep the container lid tightly closed to prevent skinning.

If storing for a long time cover the emulsion with a sealing layer of 5 to 10 mm fresh water.


Any spillage of LANDSCAPE LOCK should be cleaned up immediately by wiping up with a damp towel and washing surface down with fresh water.

LANDSCAPE LOCK forms a skin when dried which may be peeled off from smooth, flat surfaces, peeling the film off of rough surfaces may prove more difficult.

Temporary storage of spray equipment

Have available a bucket of fresh water when spraying LANDSCAPE LOCK so that spray nozzles and spray bottle heads can be immersed in water if the operator is called away whilst using the spray equipment


Clean all buckets, tanks and equipment immediately after use with water and ensure all spray heads are completely free of adhesive prior to long term storage.

​For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

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