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Instantly increase the appeal of your garden bed, create contrast for your plant-life and bring uniformity to the colour of your mulch.



Colour Shot is a water based dye for mulches- the same dyes used by producers of commercial coloured mulches is now available for the DIY market to refresh and rejuvenate their home mulch beds


Colour Shot - Outback Red 1 litre

  • Concentrated formula - Dilute with water


    This colour mulch is used extensively in commercial areas, and works well if the plants, tress and shrubs are lighter in colour. Red mulch's vibrant colour provides good contrast to the plants in garden beds and also works well in rock gardens.


    Outback Red is produced using iron oxide, commonly known as rust. It is harmless in the garden and will add to the iron contained in the soil as the mulch decomposes.


    1 litre of Colour Shot will treat up to 200m2 of mulch when touching up and refreshing a colour


    Mix Landscape Lock Colour Shot with water in a spray bottle (not included). Mix well and spray onto DRY mulch. Allow to set undisturbed for 24 hours.


    Do not use if rain is likely within 24 hours. Do not irrigate or water for 24 hours after application. Avoid walking on or disturbing the mulch after application.


    Colour Shot will stain hard surfaces and soft surfaces alike, please ensure all spills and overspray are cleaned immediately to prevent staining.


    Clean equipment immediately after use


    For extended guide, see How to Use page.

  • Colour Shot will permanently stain both soft and hard surfaces.

    The buyer assumes resposibility for all risks and liabilities resulting from the use of this product

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